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Click is a simple Python module inspired by the stdlib optparse to make writing command line scripts fun. Unlike other modules, it's based around a simple API that does not come with too much magic and is composable.
Module core No module docstring; 0/2 constant, 4/6 functions, 10/10 classes documented
Module decorators No module docstring; 0/2 constant, 12/14 functions documented
Module exceptions No module docstring; 0/1 function, 10/10 classes documented
Module formatting No module docstring; 0/1 constant, 2/4 functions, 1/1 class documented
Module parser No summary
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Module testing No module docstring; 0/2 function, 2/4 classes documented
Module types No module docstring; 0/6 constant, 1/1 function, 8/18 classes documented
Module ​_compat No module docstring; 0/7 variable, 0/4 constant, 7/30 functions, 1/3 class documented
Module ​_termui​_impl This module contains implementations for the termui module. To keep the import time of Click down, some infrequently used functionality is placed in this module and only imported as needed.
Module ​_textwrap Undocumented
Module ​_unicodefun No module docstring; 1/1 function documented
Module ​_winconsole Undocumented
Module globals No module docstring; 0/1 variable, 4/4 functions documented
Module termui No module docstring; 0/3 variable, 0/1 constant, 13/18 functions documented
Module utils No module docstring; 0/1 constant, 12/13 functions, 2/3 classes documented


Variable __version__ Undocumented
__version__: str =