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class Module(HasMembers):

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Represents a module, basically a named container for code/API objects. Modules may be nested in other modules. Be aware that for historical reasons, some loaders lile #docspec_python by default do not return nested modules, even if nesting would be appropriate (and instead the simply contains the fully qualified name).
Class Variable members Undocumented

Inherited from HasMembers:

Method sync​_hierarchy No summary
Instance Variable parent Returns the parent of the #HasMembers. Note that if you make any modifications to the API object tree, you will need to call #sync_hierarchy() afterwards because adding to #Class.members or #Module.members does not automatically keep the #parent property in sync.

Inherited from ApiObject (via HasMembers):

Method __post​_init__ Undocumented
Method parent.setter Undocumented
Class Variable docstring Undocumented
Class Variable location Undocumented
Class Variable name Undocumented
Property path Returns a list of all of this API object's parents, from top to bottom. The list includes self as the last item.
Instance Variable ​_parent Undocumented
members: t.List[_ModuleMemberType] =