package documentation

This package contains modules for standard tree transforms available to Docutils components. Tree transforms serve a variety of purposes:

  • To tie up certain syntax-specific "loose ends" that remain after the initial parsing of the input plaintext. These transforms are used to supplement a limited syntax.
  • To automate the internal linking of the document tree (hyperlink references, footnote references, etc.).
  • To extract useful information from the document tree. These transforms may be used to construct (for example) indexes and tables of contents.

Each transform is an optional step that a Docutils component may choose to perform on the parsed document.

Module components Docutils component-related transforms.
Module frontmatter Transforms related to the front matter of a document or a section (information found before the main text):
Module misc Miscellaneous transforms.
Module parts Transforms related to document parts.
Module peps Transforms for PEP processing.
Module references Transforms for resolving references.
Module universal Transforms needed by most or all documents:
Module writer​_aux Auxiliary transforms mainly to be used by Writer components.


Class ​Transform Docutils transform component abstract base class.
Class ​Transformer Stores transforms (Transform classes) and applies them to document trees. Also keeps track of components by component type name.
Class ​Transform​Error Undocumented