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class JSONEncoder(_json.JSONEncoder):

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The default JSON encoder. Handles extra types compared to the built-in json.JSONEncoder.

  • datetime.datetime and are serialized to RFC 822 strings. This is the same as the HTTP date format.
  • uuid.UUID is serialized to a string.
  • dataclasses.dataclass is passed to dataclasses.asdict.
  • ~markupsafe.Markup (or any object with a __html__ method) will call the __html__ method to get a string.

Assign a subclass of this to flask.Flask.json_encoder or flask.Blueprint.json_encoder to override the default.

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def default(self, o):
Convert o to a JSON serializable type. See json.JSONEncoder.default. Python does not support overriding how basic types like str or list are serialized, they are handled before this method.