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class Response(ResponseBase):

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The response object that is used by default in Flask. Works like the response object from Werkzeug but is set to have an HTML mimetype by default. Quite often you don't have to create this object yourself because ~flask.Flask.make_response will take care of that for you.

If you want to replace the response object used you can subclass this and set ~flask.Flask.response_class to your subclass.

Changed in version 1.0: JSON support is added to the response, like the request. This is useful when testing to get the test client response data as JSON.
Changed in version 1.0: Added max_cookie_size.
Class Variable default​_mimetype Undocumented
Property max​_cookie​_size Read-only view of the MAX_COOKIE_SIZE config key.
default_mimetype: str =


max_cookie_size: int =

Read-only view of the MAX_COOKIE_SIZE config key.

See ~werkzeug.wrappers.Response.max_cookie_size in Werkzeug's docs.