package documentation

The lxml test suite for lxml, ElementTree and cElementTree.
Module common​_imports Common helpers and adaptations for Py2/3. To be used in tests.
Module dummy​_http​_server Simple HTTP request dumper for tests.
Module fuzz​_xml​_parse Fuzzes the lxml.etree.XML function with the Atheris fuzzer.
Module selftest No module docstring; 0/3 constant, 38/50 functions documented
Module selftest2 No module docstring; 0/3 constant, 10/19 functions documented
Module test​_builder Tests that ElementMaker works properly.
Module test​_classlookup Tests for different Element class lookup mechanisms.
Module test​_css Undocumented
Module test​_doctestcompare Undocumented
Module test​_dtd Test cases related to DTD parsing and validation
Module test​_elementpath Tests for the ElementPath implementation.
Module test​_elementtree Tests for the ElementTree API
Module test​_errors Undocumented
Module test​_etree Tests specific to the extended etree API
Module test​_external​_document Test cases related to direct loading of external libxml2 documents
Module test​_htmlparser HTML parser test cases for etree
Module test​_http​_io Web IO test cases (wsgiref)
Module test​_incremental​_xmlfile Tests for the incremental XML serialisation API.
Module test​_io IO test cases that apply to both etree and ElementTree
Module test​_isoschematron Test cases related to ISO-Schematron parsing and validation
Module test​_nsclasses Test cases related to namespace implementation classes and the namespace registry mechanism
Module test​_objectify Tests specific to the lxml.objectify API
Module test​_pyclasslookup Tests specific to the Python based class lookup.
Module test​_relaxng Test cases related to RelaxNG parsing and validation
Module test​_sax Test cases related to SAX I/O
Module test​_schematron Test cases related to Schematron parsing and validation
Module test​_threading Tests for thread usage in lxml.etree.
Module test​_unicode Undocumented
Module test​_xmlschema Test cases related to XML Schema parsing and validation
Module test​_xpathevaluator Test cases related to XPath evaluation and the XPath class
Module test​_xslt Test cases related to XSLT processing