module documentation

Module defining global singleton classes.

This module raises a RuntimeError if an attempt to reload it is made. In that way the identities of the classes defined here are fixed and will remain so even if numpy itself is reloaded. In particular, a function like the following will still work correctly after numpy is reloaded:

def foo(arg=np._NoValue):
    if arg is np._NoValue:

That was not the case when the singleton classes were defined in the numpy file. See gh-7844 for a discussion of the reload problem that motivated this module.

Constant __ALL__ Undocumented
Class _​Copy​Mode An enumeration for the copy modes supported by numpy.copy() and numpy.array(). The following three modes are supported,
Class _​No​Value​Type Special keyword value.
Class ​Module​Deprecation​Warning Module deprecation warning.
Class ​Visible​Deprecation​Warning Visible deprecation warning.
Variable ​_is​_loaded Undocumented
Variable _​No​Value Undocumented
__ALL__: list[str] =


_is_loaded: bool =


_NoValue =