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Pytest test running.

This module implements the test() function for NumPy modules. The usual boiler plate for doing that is to put the following in the module file:

from numpy._pytesttester import PytestTester
test = PytestTester(__name__)
del PytestTester

Warnings filtering and other runtime settings should be dealt with in the pytest.ini file in the numpy repo root. The behavior of the test depends on whether or not that file is found as follows:

  • pytest.ini is present (develop mode)
    All warnings except those explicitly filtered out are raised as error.
  • pytest.ini is absent (release mode)
    DeprecationWarnings and PendingDeprecationWarnings are ignored, other warnings are passed through.

In practice, tests run from the numpy repo are run in develop mode. That includes the standard python invocation.

This module is imported by every numpy subpackage, so lies at the top level to simplify circular import issues. For the same reason, it contains no numpy imports at module scope, instead importing numpy within function calls.

Class ​Pytest​Tester Pytest test runner.
Function ​_show​_numpy​_info Undocumented
def _show_numpy_info():