module documentation

This module contains the set of Requests' exceptions.

Class ​Connection​Error A Connection error occurred.
Class ​Connect​Timeout The request timed out while trying to connect to the remote server.
Class ​HTTPError An HTTP error occurred.
Class ​Read​Timeout The server did not send any data in the allotted amount of time.
Class ​Request​Exception There was an ambiguous exception that occurred while handling your request.
Class ​Timeout The request timed out.
Class ​Too​Many​Redirects Too many redirects.
Class ​URLRequired A valid URL is required to make a request.
Class ​Chunked​Encoding​Error The server declared chunked encoding but sent an invalid chunk.
Class ​Content​Decoding​Error Failed to decode response content.
Class ​File​Mode​Warning A file was opened in text mode, but Requests determined its binary length.
Class ​Invalid​Header The header value provided was somehow invalid.
Class ​Invalid​JSONError A JSON error occurred.
Class ​Invalid​Proxy​URL The proxy URL provided is invalid.
Class ​Invalid​Schema The URL scheme provided is either invalid or unsupported.
Class ​Invalid​URL The URL provided was somehow invalid.
Class ​JSONDecode​Error Couldn't decode the text into json
Class ​Missing​Schema The URL scheme (e.g. http or https) is missing.
Class ​Proxy​Error A proxy error occurred.
Class ​Requests​Dependency​Warning An imported dependency doesn't match the expected version range.
Class ​Requests​Warning Base warning for Requests.
Class ​Retry​Error Custom retries logic failed
Class ​SSLError An SSL error occurred.
Class ​Stream​Consumed​Error The content for this response was already consumed.
Class ​Unrewindable​Body​Error Requests encountered an error when trying to rewind a body.