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Additional docutils nodes.

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Copyright 2007-2022 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
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BSD, see LICENSE for details.
Class compact​_paragraph Node for a compact paragraph (which never makes a <p> node).
Class desc Node for a list of object signatures and a common description of them.
Class desc​_addname Node for additional name parts for an object.
Class desc​_annotation Node for signature annotations (not Python 3-style annotations).
Class desc​_content Node for object description content.
Class desc​_inline Node for a signature fragment in inline text.
Class desc​_name Node for the main object name.
Class desc​_optional Node for marking optional parts of the parameter list.
Class desc​_parameter Node for a single parameter.
Class desc​_parameterlist Node for a general parameter list.
Class desc​_returns Node for a "returns" annotation (a la -> in Python).
Class desc​_signature Node for a single object signature.
Class desc​_signature​_line Node for a line in a multi-line object signature.
Class desc​_type Node for return types or object type names.
Class download​_reference Node for download references, similar to pending_xref.
Class glossary Node to insert a glossary.
Class highlightlang Inserted to set the highlight language and line number options for subsequent code blocks.
Class index Node for index entries.
Class literal​_emphasis Node that behaves like emphasis, but further text processors are not applied (e.g. smartypants for HTML output).
Class meta Node for meta directive -- same as docutils' standard meta node, but pickleable.
Class only Node for "only" directives (conditional inclusion based on tags).
Class pending​_xref Node for cross-references that cannot be resolved without complete information about all documents.
Class pending​_xref​_condition Node for cross-references that are used to choose appropriate content of the reference by conditions on the resolving phase.
Class production Node for a single grammar production rule.
Class productionlist Node for grammar production lists.
Class seealso Custom "see also" admonition.
Class start​_of​_file Node to mark start of a new file, used in the LaTeX builder only.
Class toctree Node for inserting a "TOC tree".
Class versionmodified Node for version change entries.
Constant SIG​_ELEMENTS Undocumented
Class ​_desc​_classes​_injector Helper base class for injecting a fixes list of classes.
Class acks Special node for "acks" lists.
Class centered Deprecated.
Class desc​_sig​_element Common parent class of nodes for inline text of a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_keyword Node for a general keyword in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_keyword​_type Node for a keyword which is a built-in type in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_literal​_char Node for a character literal in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_literal​_number Node for a numeric literal in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_literal​_string Node for a string literal in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_name Node for an identifier in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_operator Node for an operator in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_punctuation Node for punctuation in a signature.
Class desc​_sig​_space Node for a space in a signature.
Class document The document root element patched by Sphinx.
Class hlist Node for "horizontal lists", i.e. lists that should be compressed to take up less vertical space.
Class hlistcol Node for one column in a horizontal list.
Class literal​_strong Node that behaves like strong, but further text processors are not applied (e.g. smartypants for HTML output).
Class manpage Node for references to manpages.
Class not​_smartquotable A node which does not support smart-quotes.
Class number​_reference Node for number references, similar to pending_xref.
Class tabular​_col​_spec Node for specifying tabular columns, used for LaTeX output.
Class translatable Node which supports translation.
Function setup Undocumented
def setup(app):


Dict[str, Any]Undocumented