package documentation

Create a full-text search index for offline search.

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Variable js​_index Undocumented
Variable languages Undocumented
Class _​Java​Script​Index The search index as JavaScript file that calls a function on the documentation search object to register the index.
Class ​Index​Builder Helper class that creates a search index based on the doctrees passed to the feed method.
Class ​Search​Language This class is the base class for search natural language preprocessors. If you want to add support for a new language, you should override the methods of this class.
Class ​Word​Collector A special visitor that collects words for the IndexBuilder.
Function parse​_stop​_word Parse snowball style word list like this:
def parse_stop_word(source):

Parse snowball style word list like this:

languages: Dict[str, Any] =


js_index =