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The optional bytecode cache system. This is useful if you have very complex template situations and the compilation of all those templates slows down your application too much.

Situations where this is useful are often forking web applications that are initialized on the first request.

Class ​Bucket Buckets are used to store the bytecode for one template. It's created and initialized by the bytecode cache and passed to the loading functions.
Class ​Bytecode​Cache To implement your own bytecode cache you have to subclass this class and override load_bytecode and dump_bytecode. Both of these methods are passed a ~jinja2.bccache.Bucket.
Class ​File​System​Bytecode​Cache A bytecode cache that stores bytecode on the filesystem. It accepts two arguments: The directory where the cache items are stored and a pattern string that is used to build the filename.
Class ​Memcached​Bytecode​Cache No summary
Variable bc​_magic Undocumented
Variable bc​_version Undocumented
Class _​Memcached​Client Undocumented
bc_magic =


bc_version: int =