package documentation

Jinja is a template engine written in pure Python. It provides a non-XML syntax that supports inline expressions and an optional sandboxed environment.
Module bccache The optional bytecode cache system. This is useful if you have very complex template situations and the compilation of all those templates slows down your application too much.
Module environment Classes for managing templates and their runtime and compile time options.
Module exceptions No module docstring; 9/9 classes documented
Module ext Extension API for adding custom tags and behavior.
Module lexer No summary
Module loaders API and implementations for loading templates from different data sources.
Module meta Functions that expose information about templates that might be interesting for introspection.
Module nativetypes No module docstring; 1/1 function, 2/3 classes documented
Module nodes AST nodes generated by the parser for the compiler. Also provides some node tree helper functions used by the parser and compiler in order to normalize nodes.
Module parser Parse tokens from the lexer into nodes for the compiler.
Module runtime The runtime functions and state used by compiled templates.
Module sandbox A sandbox layer that ensures unsafe operations cannot be performed. Useful when the template itself comes from an untrusted source.
Module ​_identifier Undocumented
Module async​_utils Undocumented
Module compiler Compiles nodes from the parser into Python code.
Module constants Undocumented
Module debug No module docstring; 3/4 functions documented
Module defaults Undocumented
Module filters Built-in template filters used with the | operator.
Module idtracking No module docstring; 0/4 constant, 0/2 function, 1/3 class documented
Module optimizer The optimizer tries to constant fold expressions and modify the AST in place so that it should be faster to evaluate.
Module tests Built-in template tests used with the is operator.
Module utils No module docstring; 0/5 variable, 0/1 constant, 19/21 functions, 4/6 classes documented
Module visitor API for traversing the AST nodes. Implemented by the compiler and meta introspection.


Variable __version__ Undocumented
__version__: str =