module documentation


Class ​Security​Error Raised if a template tries to do something insecure if the sandbox is enabled.
Class ​Template​Assertion​Error No summary
Class ​Template​Error Baseclass for all template errors.
Class ​Template​Not​Found Raised if a template does not exist.
Class ​Template​Runtime​Error A generic runtime error in the template engine. Under some situations Jinja may raise this exception.
Class ​Templates​Not​Found Like TemplateNotFound but raised if multiple templates are selected. This is a subclass of TemplateNotFound exception, so just catching the base exception will catch both.
Class ​Template​Syntax​Error Raised to tell the user that there is a problem with the template.
Class ​Undefined​Error Raised if a template tries to operate on Undefined.
Class ​Filter​Argument​Error This error is raised if a filter was called with inappropriate arguments