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An enhanced distutils, providing support for Fortran compilers, for BLAS, LAPACK and other common libraries for numerical computing, and more.

Public submodules are:


For details, please see the Packaging and NumPy Distutils User Guide sections of the NumPy Reference Guide.

For configuring the preference for and location of libraries like BLAS and LAPACK, and for setting include paths and similar build options, please see site.cfg.example in the root of the NumPy repository or sdist.

Module ccompiler No module docstring; 0/4 variable, 11/15 functions documented
Module ccompiler​_opt No summary
Module core No module docstring; 0/2 variable, 1/6 function documented
Module exec​_command exec_command
Module extension distutils.extension
Module log Undocumented
Module misc​_util No module docstring; 0/8 variable, 34/64 functions, 1/2 class documented
Module system​_info No summary
Module ​_shell​_utils Helper functions for interacting with the shell, and consuming shell-style parameters provided in config files.
Module armccompiler No module docstring; 1/1 class documented
Package command distutils.command
Module conv​_template takes templated file .xxx.src and produces .xxx file where .xxx is .i or .c or .h, using the following template rules
Module cpuinfo cpuinfo
Package fcompiler numpy.distutils.fcompiler
Module from​_template process_file(filename)
Module intelccompiler No module docstring; 4/5 classes documented
Module lib2def No module docstring; 0/3 variable, 0/4 constant, 4/4 functions documented
Module line​_endings Functions for converting from DOS to UNIX line endings
Module mingw32ccompiler Support code for building Python extensions on Windows.
Module msvc9compiler No module docstring; 1/1 function, 0/1 class documented
Module msvccompiler No module docstring; 1/1 function, 0/1 class documented
Module npy​_pkg​_config No module docstring; 0/2 constant, 2/9 functions, 4/4 classes documented
Module numpy​_distribution Undocumented
Module pathccompiler No module docstring; 1/1 class documented
Module setup Undocumented
Package tests No package docstring; 1/15 module documented
Module unixccompiler unixccompiler - can handle very long argument lists for ar.


Variable test Undocumented
Function customized​_ccompiler Undocumented
Function customized​_fcompiler Undocumented
test =


def customized_fcompiler(plat=None, compiler=None):


def customized_ccompiler(plat=None, compiler=None, verbose=1):