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Contains SphinxError and a few subclasses (in an extra module to avoid circular import problems).

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Copyright 2007-2022 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
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BSD, see LICENSE for details.
Class ​Config​Error Configuration error.
Class ​Extension​Error Extension error.
Class ​Sphinx​Error Base class for Sphinx errors.
Class ​Theme​Error Theme error.
Class ​Version​Requirement​Error Incompatible Sphinx version error.
Class ​Application​Error Application initialization error.
Class ​Build​Environment​Error BuildEnvironment error.
Class ​Document​Error Document error.
Class ​Filetype​Not​Found​Error Raised by get_filetype() if a filename matches no source suffix.
Class ​No​Uri Raised by builder.get_relative_uri() or from missing-reference handlers if there is no URI available.
Class ​Pycode​Error Pycode Python source code analyser error.
Class ​Sphinx​Parallel​Error Sphinx parallel build error.
Class ​Sphinx​Warning Warning, treated as error.