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Note: almost all functions in the numpy.lib namespace are also present in the main numpy namespace. Please use the functions as np.<funcname> where possible.

numpy.lib is mostly a space for implementing functions that don't belong in core or in another NumPy submodule with a clear purpose (e.g. random, fft, linalg, ma).

Most contains basic functions that are used by several submodules and are useful to have in the main name-space.

Module ​_version Utility to compare (NumPy) version strings.
Module arraysetops Set operations for arrays based on sorting.
Module arrayterator A buffered iterator for big arrays.
Module format Binary serialization
Module mixins Mixin classes for custom array types that don't inherit from ndarray.
Module recfunctions Collection of utilities to manipulate structured arrays.
Module stride​_tricks Utilities that manipulate strides to achieve desirable effects.
Module user​_array Standard container-class for easy multiple-inheritance.
Module ​_datasource A file interface for handling local and remote data files.
Module ​_iotools A collection of functions designed to help I/O with ascii files.
Module arraypad The arraypad module contains a group of functions to pad values onto the edges of an n-dimensional array.
Module emath Wrapper functions to more user-friendly calling of certain math functions whose output data-type is different than the input data-type in certain domains of the input.
Module function​_base No module docstring; 0/4 variable, 0/5 constant, 50/90 functions, 1/1 class documented
Module histograms Histogram-related functions
Module index​_tricks No module docstring; 0/7 variable, 4/7 functions, 9/9 classes documented
Module nanfunctions Functions that ignore NaN.
Module npyio No module docstring; 0/4 variable, 0/1 constant, 14/22 functions, 3/3 classes documented
Module polynomial Functions to operate on polynomials.
Module setup Undocumented
Module shape​_base No module docstring; 0/1 variable, 16/30 functions documented
Package tests No package docstring; 5/24 modules documented
Module twodim​_base Basic functions for manipulating 2d arrays
Module type​_check Automatically adapted for numpy Sep 19, 2005 by
Module ufunclike Module of functions that are like ufuncs in acting on arrays and optionally storing results in an output array.
Module utils No module docstring; 0/4 variable, 16/20 functions, 1/1 class documented


Variable test Undocumented
test =